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is a well known artist, not only for her 4,5 Octave Voice, but also for the way, that she brings her music to the fans.
In her own stubborn, but charming style, she almost always manages to combine various styles of music into one. 

Her worldwide stage presence of over 30 years has brought alot of great music around the world and currently 5 of her songs are placed and holding in the Top 30's of the international Indie Charts and have been for over 1 year.

C.C.Tennissen feat. Michael Gerwien - "Roll On" has once again hit first  place for the third time this year.

Having won several awards for her music, she is currently working on her second album "Back To The Roots" in Thailand with various musicians, bands and songwriters and we are looking  forward to many new and exciting songs, a great album with awesome music, that is surely going to be as special and out of the ordinary as she is. In short, an album put together with lots of love.


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is touring Asia at this time and at the same time working on her second album "Back To The Roots" with various bands and musicians, as well as songwriters. 

Please look in on us for updates, touring dates, or any information, that you may want. We'll gladly keep you posted and/or answer any questions, that you may have. For that please use the contact formular. Have a great and blessed Day...everyone